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Alex Denton

LIBERAL ARTS Is My Ambrosian Value

Bachelor of Arts in Accounting, Class of 2019

"St. Ambrose is more than just a school; it’s a building block to lifelong success and fulfillment."

All of our College of Business programs are fully accredited and highly respected by business and industry leaders throughout the region, many of which offer internships to our students and hire SAU alumni. In fact, eight months prior to graduation, Alex accepted a full-time position in the Deere & Company Accounting/Financial Development Program. "The Quad Cities is an unbelievable resource for internships and full-time jobs," he says.
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Hometown: Waverly, Iowa

Alex is very comfortable living in a small, close-knit community while also seizing larger opportunities. His hometown is roughly 10,000 residents and located just 15 minutes from one of the largest cities in Iowa. That's kind of like what you get at SAU -- a strong campus community connected to an active and thriving metropolitan region.

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Why SAU?

Opportunities Beyond the Classroom

"St. Ambrose has a great accounting program and it is setting me up for success in the future,” Alex says. “I’ve been provided with numerous opportunities to network, interview, and listen to professionals make presentations about a company or career path. The Career Center and the Business and Accounting departments do an amazing job of providing opportunities to strengthen our professional skills,” Alex says. “The resources, education, and experiences I’ve had at SAU helped me land the position at Deere & Company."

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What are you involved in at SAU?

Alex carries a full course load, is captain of the SAU Fighting Bees Varsity Bowling Team, spends time with friends, and stays fit in the new Wellness & Recreation Center. Alex also works part-time in the Admissions Office and gives campus tours to prospective students and their families. The work is rewarding because many have chosen to become Ambrosians. He sees them on campus, in class, and involved in student activities. “It makes me feel like I’ve had a positive impact on others,” he says.

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What does your time at SAU mean for your future?

"At SAU, I've gained experience, knowledge, and skills that will last a lifetime. I've built a career path and now have a job with one of the most respected companies in the world. I've been instilled with the values and intuition to be able to give back to the same communities that helped shape who I am," Alex says. At SAU, you learn more than subjects. You learn about the world and the issues and strengths that underpin societies, and discover how you can best contribute.

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Why the Accounting Program?

Comprehensive Education

“I’ve always had an interest in accounting ever since high school. I picked this program because it was detailed and outlined well. The accounting professors are extremely helpful and laid out a clear plan for me over four years. The connections between the Accounting Department and Quad Cities businesses are extremely beneficial to my career.”


So, what's next?

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